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Two of my 4046 VCO and two low pass gates playing together. A pure data patch is sending them notes in a randomized order.
9.62 MBMay 22, 20kaputtpanzerDIY Hardware and SoftwareSingle supply 4046 VCO with V/oct tracking
unipolar lfo modulating vcf resonance and delay time
9.51 MBMay 30, 19kaputtpanzerDIY Hardware and Software2019/2020 BUILD PHOTOS
2.66 MBSep 24, 18kaputtpanzerDIY Hardware and Softwaredead simple wave mangler
wave mangler:saw and triangle input
1.77 MBSep 24, 18kaputtpanzerDIY Hardware and Softwaredead simple wave mangler
The input signals for the filter are 4 squarewave oscs feed into 2 XOR gates.
3.24 MBMay 21, 12kaputtpanzerLunettas - circuits inspired by Stanley LunettaSimple active filters?
1.91 MBOct 25, 11kaputtpanzerLunettas - circuits inspired by Stanley LunettaAttack/Release pushbutton thing...

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