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Synth-ing Nº15.m4a
122.69 MBApr 10, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº15
Synth-ing Nº14.m4a
116.18 MBApr 10, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº14
March Equinox 2017.m4a
114.31 MBApr 9, 17pauguiPaulo SantosMarch Equinox 2017
Synth-ing Nº13.m4a
115.32 MBMar 26, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº13
Synth-ing Nº12.m4a
117.58 MBMar 26, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº12
Synth-ing Nº11.m4a
143.78 MBMar 17, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº11
Synth-ing Nº10.m4a
117.65 MBMar 14, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº10
Synth-ing Nº9.m4a
123.87 MBMar 14, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº9
Synth-ing Nº8.m4a
113.41 MBMar 7, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº8
Synth-ing Nº7.m4a
126.73 MBMar 3, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº7
Synth-ing Nº6.m4a
117.53 MBMar 2, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº6
Synth-ing Nº5.m4a
113.05 MBFeb 26, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº5
Synth-ing Nº4.m4a
114.57 MBFeb 21, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº4
Synth-ing Nº3.m4a
114.09 MBFeb 15, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº3
Synth-ing Nº2.m4a
113.59 MBFeb 13, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº2
Synth-ing Nº1.m4a
108.79 MBFeb 13, 17pauguiPaulo SantosSynth-ing Nº1
First Night of Unknown Music.m4a
First Night of Unknown Music
56.12 MBJan 16, 12pauguiOnline MusicFirst Night of Unknown Music
First Night of Unknown Music.m4a
First Night of Unknown Music
56.12 MBJan 16, 12pauguiOnline MusicFirst Night of Unknown Music
NYE 2011_2012 - Concert.m4a
New Years Eve 2011/2012 Concert
28.31 MBDec 31, 11pauguiStreaming Radio StationNew Year's Eve 2011-12 Sign Up
NYE 2010_2011.mp3
Paulo Santos NYE 2010/2011 Concert
80.98 MBJan 1, 11pauguiStreaming Radio Station2010-2011 New Year's Event Music
Seq Test.mp3
Nord Modular G2X sequencing other synths
1.48 MBMar 25, 10pauguiNord Modular G2 DiscussionSequencing old synth modules with the G2X
Hold Problem Demo.mp3
Small sequence where the hold problem appears - The sequence remains unchanged as well as all synth parameters during this mp3, and no note was triggered on the keyboard
307.35 KBSep 24, 09pauguiBugsIs it normal? Sequencer Holding Notes

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