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How to sell your CDs on electro-music.com

As a service to artists, and to help promote the music, electro-music.com sells CDs and other products at our online store, https://electro-music.com/catalog .

How to sell your CD at electro-music.com?

What YOU do:
Check out our site. Make sure you think your music is appropriate for sale at electro-music.com.

Send us copy in HTML format that we can use on the product page of your CD. This should include information about yourself, so we know who you are, and how you want your CD described. Include photos (jpg format, 300 px wide), links to your web site, links to sound samples and reviews, and any other other material you think is appropriate. Send this to admin@electro-music.com

Open a PayPal account, if you don't alrealy have one. This is how we pay you when your products sell. Click this link to see why we use PayPal.

Mail us just 5 CDs to start. We'll ask for more to replenish stock when needed.

You don't need a UPC barcode to sell at electro-music.com.

You don't need to have your CDs shrinkwrapped, and yes you can sell a home-made CD-R here, as long as it looks good.

What WE do:
We make a web page dedicated to showcasing your CD on electro-music.com, with the sole purpose of selling your product. It includes links to sound clips (if you provide them), links back to your own website, reviews (if they are submitted by our members or if you provide them), and text and descriptions based on what you send us.

In some cases, we will write a review of your CD. If you want us to consider your CD for review, please send us a promotional copy for that purpose. We won't review every CD. Generally, we don't like to write "bad" reviews. However, anyone can post a review on our public online forum.

We take all credit card orders for your CD online, and ship it to them within hours. We notify you via mail you every time your CD is sold, and we tell you who bought it.
How the MONEY works:
You set your selling price at whatever you want.

We keep 20% of the base price per CD sold plus any PayPal processing fees (usually about 3%).

We wait three weeks to make sure the customer is completely satisfied and doesn't request a refund. We then transfer your money to you via transfer to your PayPal account.

There is no one-time set up charge.

There is no minimum sale quantity requirement. Even if you only sell 1 CD every 20 years, we'll be glad to warehouse it and take orders for it here.

You are responsible for assuring the quality of any product you provide, including any product that is returned by an unhappy customer. You are responsible for the costs of processing any returns.

This is a non-exclusive consignment agreement. You can sell your CD or other products anywhere else if you wish. You or we can cancel this arrangement at at any time. There are no contracts to sign. We don't own the rights to you or your music. This is not an agreement with a record label. We're a cooperative online record store.
Any questions? Just email us at admin@electro-music.com or, better yet, send a PM to mosc.

944 Flexer Av.
Allentown, PA 18103
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