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A performance I'm using on stage with key trigered sequences ...
[see]Mar 25, 07Christophe DuquesneG2 FAQTrig the sequencer
Six additional Variations
[see]Oct 30, 10Christophe DuquesneClassicPolymoog
Polymoog style patch (Vox Humana preset)
[see]Oct 29, 10Christophe DuquesneClassicPolymoog
Hod up PM resonator derived from Chet and Robby's patch
[see]Feb 4, 07Christophe DuquesneAcousticPM resonator
update of the "Holdup resonator" & 8 very different viriations
[see]Feb 23, 07Christophe DuquesneAcousticPM resonator
A Roland JX8P emulation With 8 variations (some from the JX8P's presets and some from my own sound library)
[see]Jan 6, 07Christophe DuquesneClassicJX8P

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