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A drony bass texture. Based on three parallell 2 osc/dual filter synths. Pan, tuning, filter and volume are modified by LFOs. Valuable parameters (for programming) are assigned to knobs. Enjoy!
[see]May 30, 05Carl Mikael BjörkDronesIs this a drone?
Sid Control.prf2
A controller for MIDIBox SID (www.ucapps.de).
[see]Apr 13, 05Carl Mikael BjörkExternal ControlMIDIBox SID controller
Sid Control [Bug].prf2
A buggy MidiBox SID controller. Help wanted!
[see]Apr 4, 05Carl Mikael BjörkNord Modular G2 DiscussionMIDI Ctrl Send not working
Agent FM.pch2
Enjoy the rhythms of FM - six operator sections with multiple waveforms, modulated by several different envelopes, rhythmic amps and pitch curves.
[see]Mar 25, 05Carl Mikael BjörkSequencer - interactiveRhythmic FM textures
Some sort of arp controlling three of my 8bit synths (could be any synths, I guess)...
[see]Mar 20, 05Carl Mikael BjörkG2 Patches - ExperimentalProblems with this Arp!

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