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G2 Patch Archive Listing
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monophonic, polytonal 8-bit-like drumkit
[see]Feb 1, 11stockDrum8-bit drumkit
delta-modulation CoDec with built in "noise sampling corruption" control
[see]Feb 1, 11stockAudio InStereo Delta-Modulation CoDec
[see]Feb 1, 11stockClassicNintendo NES triangle channel
NES SQ1.pch2
Nintendo NES square channel
[see]Feb 1, 11stockClassicNintendo NES square channel
keyboard split 3.pch2
3 zones (2 split point) keyboard splitter
[see]Dec 27, 09stockG2 Building Blocks3 zones keyboard splitter
128 word virtual RAM memory. Bug fixed
[see]Dec 23, 09stockG2 Building Blocks128 word virtual RAM memory
cricket sounds
[see]Dec 12, 09stockFXcricket sounds
modifications of the Tim Kleinert's 128 Word RAM memory. bug fix for v1.40 modular version
[see]Dec 11, 09stockG2 Building Blocks128 word virtual RAM memory
electribe sound.pch2
[see]Jul 11, 05stockClassicelectribe 'EA1' simulation
water spring
[see]Jul 11, 05stockFXwater spring FX

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