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Demo mp3 of the G2 modulating the filter frequencies of an MS20 by means of volume modulation. No midi/cv converter was used, the sequence is 100% MS20 sound but 100% G2 controlled. Pad is G2 sound.
2.32 MBNov 28, 06FozzieNord Modular G2 DiscussionG2 engine and ms20 are friends!!
For Tim and his amazing deluxelooper patch. Promised to send in a little mp3 snippet of my band jamming with the patch. Drummer and guitarist are mono in the middle, deluxelooper stuff is 'stereo' (a few ms modulated delay between L and R)
2.32 MBSep 20, 06FozzieAudio InDeluxeLooper
Strat played into cheap behringer (mic)preamp into G2.
566.17 KBJun 27, 06FozzieFXNew guitar amp simulation
Sst drumnguitarnbass.mp3
Sst! - Drum 'n Guitar 'n Bass
2.79 MBMay 4, 06FozzieOnline MusicSst! online debut
Mono, untreated MS20 sound into my dspfactory card. No G2 audio in the audio signal path, G2 only provides waveforms for FM / note & trigger information
2.35 MBJan 9, 06FozzieNord Modular G2 DiscussionG2 engine and ms20 are friends!!
Small demo mp3 featuring my shabby guitarplaying through the G2 ampsim patch
740.86 KBOct 4, 05FozzieAudio InG2 Guitar Ampsim attempt
An mp3 example of the patch in a recent saturday afternoon jam, all audio is G2 made or mangled. Includes use of a patch of Roland Kuit (string-like sound).
2.87 MBFeb 23, 05FozzieAudio Inmodulated delay feedback patch
just to let you hear the result with my setup. (C) M. Bellamy ;-) (he sure plays it better)
444.49 KBJun 28, 04FozzieG2 Performances - ExperimentalPitch Tracker

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