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WTableXShapeSyn_TK Demo.mp3
Audio demo of the Additive Wavetable Complex Waveshaping Synthesizer, going through the 7 variations.
8.02 MBMar 26, 15Tim KleinertSynthAdditive Wavetable Complex Waveshaping Synthesizer
Demo mp3 of PolyGranuSyn_Y doing it's thing. Just a sample of me saying "Nord Modular G2", hitting some keys and tweaking knobs, switching the variation here and there.
9.52 MBSep 9, 12Tim KleinertAudio InPolyGranuSyn_Y and PolyGranuSyn_Z
Short demo of the diffusion chorus effect, transforming the simplest possible one-osc sawtooth pad into an almost symphonic experience
3.81 MBJun 23, 12Tim KleinertFXDiffuser Chorus
Demo of the spectal vocoder patch. G2 goes Antares. :o)
657.18 KBFeb 3, 10Tim KleinertAudio InSpectral Vocoder
Tasteless demo :) of the DIY pattern arpeggiator.
2.41 MBJan 17, 10Tim KleinertSequencer - interactiveDeluxe Pattern Arpeggiator (monophonic)
audio demo of the ElasticAudioX patch; sampled voice saying "one two three...", noodling around and stepping through the 8 variations.
2.31 MBMar 25, 09Tim KleinertAudio InElasticAudio X
Demo of PolyGranuSynX, using my voice and variation 3.
1.27 MBFeb 21, 09Tim KleinertAudio InPolyGranuSyn X

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