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Pulsecraft - NMG2-Driver & Resonator.mp3
Audio Demo 8 variations
2.62 MBAug 1, 12ChronoG2 extended patchesSome new modules and patches made with that
NMG2 _ Access Virus A Phase.mp3
Audio Reference of the problem 1st: NMG2 ,2nd Virus A, 3th NMG2 detuned, 4th Virus A detuned.
572.97 KBJul 26, 12ChronoG2 FAQOsc Phase Issue
Chrono - Unison audio demo.mp3
A little perspective
3.69 MBJun 24, 12ChronoLeadNMG2 Unison
NMG2 - PolyX2 _ ChronoUnison.mp3
PolyX compare ChronoUnison
582.74 KBSep 13, 11ChronoG2 Building BlocksPolyphony X 2
Analog Generator V2 Audio Demo.mp3
song demo
2.84 MBOct 21, 09ChronoSynthAnalog Generator
Analog Generator G2 Demo.mp3
Audio demo 2
2.31 MBOct 16, 09ChronoSynthAnalog Generator
G2 Analog Generator.mp3
Audio demo 1
1.68 MBOct 16, 09ChronoSynthAnalog Generator
Chrono - G2 Unison Demo2.mp3
788.29 KBJul 19, 09ChronoNord Modular G2 DiscussionExperiences with W7?
Chrono - G2 Unison Demo.mp3
2x 23 voices (2 osc) Unison, 8 variations 1 melody
1.34 MBJul 19, 09ChronoNord Modular G2 DiscussionExperiences with W7?
This one has the Filter after the QuadDelay in Stereo and you can hear the difference , but still some distortion is noticable on the lowest frequencies.
276.86 KBJun 26, 09ChronoBugsNG2 modular bug, noise with reverb/delays and polyphonia
This fragment has the unwanted noise comming from the quad delay in the patch.
445.84 KBJun 26, 09ChronoBugsNG2 modular bug, noise with reverb/delays and polyphonia
Weird Planets Demo.mp3
1.91 MBMay 1, 09ChronoG2 Performances - NoodlesWeird Planets
Dark Dungeons Demo.mp3
the evil dungeon!
2.47 MBApr 29, 09ChronoG2 Performances - NoodlesThe Dark Dungeon
G2 Unison Demo.mp3
audio demo
1.8 MBApr 26, 09ChronoSynthG2 Unison Synth
drumnbass demo-01.mp3
audio demo
978.49 KBApr 22, 09ChronoBassDriveBass
Space Vibes2.mp3
2.35 MBApr 14, 09ChronoSynthSpace Vibes
tims funny seals G2 fuckup.mp3
seals destruction
615.63 KBApr 11, 09ChronoG2 Patches - Experimental2 module animal synthesis
Pulsecraft - Space Vibes Demo.mp3
Audio Demo
4.65 MBFeb 3, 09ChronoSynthSpace Vibes
Pulsecraft - Mighty Piano.mp3
audio demo
3.57 MBJan 25, 09ChronoSynthMighty Piano Synth
Guitar Essence Demo.mp3
416.86 KBJan 9, 09ChronoSynthGuitar Essence
Pulsecraft Live v1.mp3
5.3 MBDec 31, 08ChronoStreaming Radio StationLive Streaming New Years Eve 2009 electro-music.com event
Poly Unison Audio Demo.mp3
The Audio Demo
1.07 MBDec 30, 08ChronoSynthPolyfonic Unison Leads
Poly Unison Variation Demo.mp3
The Variations
2.18 MBDec 30, 08ChronoSynthPolyfonic Unison Leads
Mystic Essence.mp3
Mystic Sequenced Audio Demo with Cubase
583.39 KBDec 26, 08ChronoSynthMystic Essence
Mystic Essence Vari.mp3
Audio Variation Demo V1 & V2
3.3 MBDec 26, 08ChronoSynthMystic Essence
Electric Essence Demo.mp3
1.64 MBDec 4, 08ChronoSynthElectric Essence
Poly Unison Trick.mp3
Audio Example
1.3 MBOct 30, 08ChronoG2 FAQPolyfonic Unison
Nord Modular G2 Unison Synth V2.mp3
29 voice version audio demo!
1.94 MBAug 26, 08ChronoSynthUNISON SYNTH
Nord G2 Trance Project.mp3
audio demo
1.42 MBAug 14, 08ChronoG2 Performances - CompletedTake a trance on me
Latest Audio Demo
6.05 MBJul 15, 08ChronoReaktorReaktor vs Nord
Preset Audio Demo 1
1.1 MBJul 14, 08ChronoReaktorReaktor vs Nord
Preset Audio Demo 3
6.01 MBJul 14, 08ChronoReaktorReaktor vs Nord
Preset Audio Demo 2
1.67 MBJul 14, 08ChronoReaktorReaktor vs Nord
Promo Kick Example.mp3
dont cut me in pieces!!
751.02 KBJun 5, 08ChronoDrumDJ PROMO's bassdrums (HARDCORE)
The Real Alpha Juno 2 custom Dominator hoover
1.22 MBMay 29, 08ChronoSynth1985 Alpha Juno 2 Hoover
Your Unison G2 patch.mp3
your unison g2 patch on the demo version mono mode.
85.02 KBMay 22, 08ChronoWish ListUnison module
My Unison Reaktor Movie Lifter.mp3
Unison with Reaktor! +12 semitones detune with an envelope point draw system (warner brothers movie lifter)
151.15 KBMay 22, 08ChronoWish ListUnison module

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