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MP3, 256k/sec stereo
26.8 MBFeb 21, 18rh2yOnline Musicrh2y - Ambient live jam
Music from a Club Scene in a film. 99% Andromeda A6, 1% Korg MicroKorg
1.05 MBAug 12, 09rh2yAlesis AndromedaA6 tune
A6 plus Blofeld plus MicroX improvisation; may some day turn into a finished piece.
4.91 MBJun 20, 08rh2yAlesis AndromedaA6 plus Blofeld plus MicroX = work in progress
A6, MicroKorg, MicroX, and Theremin electro-music track. Just me playing with the equipment after a long day of getting some new gear installed.
6.14 MBJan 27, 08rh2yAlesis AndromedaTrack with some A6
Short improvisation on the A6
3.6 MBJan 17, 08rh2yAlesis AndromedaMy A6 Has Landed!

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